The King Who Was a King

Autor: Herbert George Wells

Herbert George Wells is a huge name in the world of literature. He is known as the king of Science Fiction stories. He was an accomplished teacher. a best-selling novelist. a historian and a journalist. however. he established his name in the world through his passion for writing and will be remembered forever as „Father of Science Fiction”. „The King Who Was a King – The Book of a Film” is a fascinating treatise on the development of film written by H. G. Wells and first published in 1929. Writing at the when cinema was beginning to explode. Wells explores the emerging industry’s history. future. and the elements of contemporary film. H. G. Wells’s conception of a great film. as much a novel as it is a film scenario. Poses the issue „Is one man justified in shedding the blood of another. in order to avert the greater catastrophe of war?


Cena: 14.9

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