The Spy

Autor: James Fenimore Cooper

Inspired by accusations of venality leveled at the men who captured Major Andre (Benedict Arnold’s co-conspirator. executed for espionage in 1780). Cooper’s novel centers on Harry Birch. a common man wrongly suspected by well-born Patriots of being a spy for the British. Even George Washington. who supports Birch. misreads the man. and when Washington offers him payment for information vital to the Patriot’s cause. Birch scorns the money and asserts that his action were motivated not by financial reward. but by his devotion to the fight for independence. Peopled with memorable characters. some of them real life heroes like George Washington. The Spy by James Fenimore Cooper is a great blend of fact and historical fiction. constructed on a magnificent scale.


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The Disintegration Machine

Autor: Arthur Conan Doyle

„The Disintegration Machine” is a story featuring Doyle’s famous character Professor Challenger. It was first published in The Strand Magazine in January 1929. The story centers on the discovery of a machine capable of disintegrating objects and reforming them as they were. This short story is a part of the „Challenger series”. a collection of stories about the wealthy eccentric adventurer Professor Challenger. Unlike Conan Doyle’s laid-back. analytic character. Sherlock Holmes. Professor Challenger is an aggressive. dominating figure. The professor is described as a lion of a man with a full beard and a rotund physique. One day. he is interrupted by the young journalist. Malone. to go investigate a machine designed by Latvian inventor. Theodore Nemor.

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